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The Great American Smoke-Out Graffiti Wall

  • Number of youth reached: 400
  • Number of chapter members involved: 18

p1320236 p1320238 p1320241 p1320248 p1320247 p1320250 p1320254 p1320261 p1320265 p1320271 p1320275 p1320278 p1320280 p1320293 p1320322 p1320331 p1320332     On the third Thursday of November the Peer Leaders have been upholding the tradition of The 84 by holding a special event for the Great American Smoke-out!  Using materials from The 84 we created a graffiti wall for students to sign showing their support of all the folks in their lives who are trying to quit (or maybe they are trying to quit themselves). We gave out incentives like pins, stickers and also some water bottles donated to us by the South Hadley Drug & Alcohol Coalition to support the Great American Smoke-Out. We set up our wall right outside the cafeteria to reach all of the students and teachers too. You can see that we educated our Principal (she is blonde and dressed all in black) and she signed our wall too. Peer Leaders covered the table during their own lunch so nobody had to miss class.

The Peer Leaders of South Hadley High School are a dedicated and active group of students who are willing to stand up against the use of damaging substances like tobacco products by teenagers. We work to model leadership skills, pro-social action and positive decision making for our peers.