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April 26, 2017. Boston, MA.
Kick Butts Da 2017. 
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About The 84 Movement

THE 84 IS A STATEWIDE MOVEMENT of youth fighting tobacco in Massachusetts. The 84 represents the 84% of Massachusetts youth who did not smoke when the movement began. Now, that number is steadily increasing. Members of The 84 educate community leaders, legislators, and their peers about tobacco industry tactics and help advance local strategies to reduce the influence of tobacco. Chapter members also have the chance to come together at statewide trainings and events to share ideas and learn new skills. Every year, over 90 Chapters join the Movement to create positive change in their communities. Joining is simple — fill out the form from the link below!

What’s in it for the youth?

  • Impact your community and make a difference
  • Interact with other Massachusetts youth through exciting activities, trainings, and events
  • Educate key leaders by speaking directly to legislators at statewide events (e.g. Kick Butts Day)
  • Learn about and engage in the civic process by advancing local strategies around tobacco prevention
  • Leadership skill-building (e.g. public speaking, networking, event planning) and the opportunity to join the Statewide Leadership Team
  • Résumé-building opportunities through community service and leadership

What’s in it for the adult advisors?

  • Mentor youth in meaningful work around civic engagement and community action and help them make an impact
  • Easy registration and flexible time commitment
  • Free to participate and receive all necessary materials
  • Funding opportunities available through mini-grants and stipends
  • Local training to help members and advisors increase their impact
  • Support and technical assistance from The 84 leaders and staff
  • Incorporate The 84 as a part of an existing program or club

Now what?

Start your own Chapter! Chapters can be existing youth groups or you can start a brand new group.

Things you need to register as a Chapter

  • Adult advisor’s contact information
  • Youth’s contact information (email)
  • Brief description about your group (3-5 sentences)
  • Approval from your school principal (For schools only)


  • Be a part of a school or community-based organization (School-based Chapters must have principal approval)
  • Have at least 5 youth
  • Have 1 dedicated adult advisor

Download The 84 recruitment brochure.