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Who’s Behind It All?

Who's Behind the Sneaky Tactics?
The tobacco industry uses sneaky tactics to market their deadly products to youth and even small children with colorful and appealing packaging, and those deadly products are sold cheaply! Big Tobacco is still targeting YOUth. Big Tobacco doesn’t care about your dreams and success, only their money.

Who's With The 84?
So how does that make you feel? The tobacco industry has a lot of money and resources to market their dangerous products. So what do we do? We have something they don’t…people power! Your Chapter is the leader in the fight against Big Tobacco in your school and community. And you can mobilize more people to fight with you. Collectively, there are an abundance of people who stand with The 84 in Massachusetts. Use the opportunity of the Great American Smokeout to illustrate who is with you in the fight against Big Tobacco!

  • Points earned: 100
  • Chapter member needed: 3+
  • Prep time: 30
  • Supplies needed: Provided: Tactic examples (Digital - shared with Chapters and their peers via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and/or Print - posters), “I am with The 84” Diagram, Markers, The 84 tape, The 84 buttons and promo cards, Chapter members recruitment sign-up sheet Chapters need to get: Camera with recording capability* Note: Cell phone cameras are okay to use if permitted by your school or community organization.

Doing the activity

Step 1-Learn how to do this: Watch the Who’s Behind it All how-to video to get ready for the activity. The video will walk you through the steps. “Like” The 84’s Facebook page and follow The 84 on Twitter or Instagram to receive the electronic tactic posters to be shared in the week of the Great American Smokeout.

Step 2-Create your action plan: Discuss materials needed and the roles and responsibilities for Chapter members. Decide where the tactic posters and “I am with The 84” diagram will be hung. Get permission to hang posters and host a booth for the activity.

[The table should be located in a common area such as a cafeteria. You will use this area to take videos, give out buttons and answer questions about The 84.]

Step 3-Inform your peers of Who’s Behind the Sneaky Tactics: Hang the tactic posters in your school or community center and make announcements about your booth. Share the tactic posters via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in order to mobilize your peers and let them know WHEN and WHERE the booth will happen.

Step 4-Illustrate Who’s with The 84 in the Fight Against Big Tobacco: Make additional announcements to remind your peers to visit the Great American Smokeout booth. Set up your information and booth with all equipment needed. Invite people to write their name and city/town to fight against Big Tobacco. Record a video clip saying your name and city/town, tell that you are with The 84, then upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #ImwithThe84 (e.g. “I am John from ABC city. I am with The 84”) Take pictures of people as they sign The 84 diagram to be posted on your Chapter page.

The booth should include the tactic posters, The 84 diagram, markers, camera, The 84 materials (promo cards, buttons) and a sign-up sheet to join your Chapter

NOTE: Make sure Chapter members write their names on the diagram first to demonstrate how other people can participate in this activity.

Step 5-Complete your mission: After the Great American Smokeout, post an update on your Chapter page about how the activity went including how many people signed your 84 diagram and how many videos were taken. Chapters who have more than 100 youth write their names and cities/towns on The 84 diagram will receive an additional 10 points. All photos and videos will be compiled on representing youth all across the state that are standing
up to fight Big Tobacco. The 84 diagram photos are a powerful way to show others all the support The 84