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Activity 8: Numbers Campaign

Statistics are powerful, but they can be hard to visualize. Use your creativity to help people understand shocking tobacco statistics and drive your point home.

  • Points earned: 150
  • Chapter member needed: 8+
  • Prep time: 2
  • Supplies needed: Props to create a visual number representation, flyers, posters, t-shirts (optional), The 84 Fact Sheets The 84 Promo Cards

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Brainstorm: Come up with numbers that are significant and say something about tobacco or The 84 (for example, 24 people die a day in MA from tobacco-related illnesses or 84% of youth choose not to smoke!). Decide on one number that will be meaningful to your school or community.

STEP 2 – Rally: Bring your Chapter members and other people in your community together to collect props (like 24 pairs of shoes to represent the 24 people who die a day). You can hold a raffle for those who bring stuff in, but make sure they have a way to get their stuff back!

STEP 3 – Display your props: Find a place to to display your props and create flyers or posters explaining the significance of the number. Chapter members can even make t-shirts with that number and wear them while handing out The 84 Promo Cards.

STEP 4 – Take it further: Your Chapter may decide to use this activity as a call to action. Ask them to sign a petition or write a letter to a school or decision maker (like your mayor or state representative) requesting their support for youth who are fighting Big Tobacco or support for a certain policy.

STEP 5 – Show everyone: Make sure to take pictures. Send letters and pictures to public officials and to local or school newspapers to raise awareness of The 84 and the dangers of tobacco.

STEP 6 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your activity on your Chapter page to get points and attention!