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Activity 7: Graffiti Wall

Create a graffiti wall for people to post their thoughts about tobacco and how it affects them. They can write a message to a loved one who smokes or a note exposing how Big Tobacco targets young people.

  • Points earned: 150
  • Chapter member needed: 4+
  • Prep time: 2
  • Supplies needed: Long roll of paper (or several poster boards), markers, strong tape, glitter, magazine pictures, The 84 stickers, etc. to decorate your wall, order form for giveaways

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Advertise and organize: Before you post your graffiti wall in a public place, tell people what it is, where it’ll be posted, and when they can sign it. Get permission, if you need, from the appropriate adults. Choose designated times (like during lunch) to allow as many people to sign as possible.

STEP 2 – Provide guidelines: Be clear about what you want people to post. Your Chapter may decide you only want messages to loved ones affected by tobacco, or specifically about Big Tobacco. Whatever you decide, you should make guidelines clear, and have Chapter members sign the wall first to set an example.

STEP 3 -Sign away: Have someone monitor the wall to answer any questions, make sure there’s enough room to sign, markers are available, etc. Hand out a flyer about The 84 to promote your Chapter. Consider hosting a raffle for people who participate to encourage people to sign the wall. Use free 84 giveaways, such as jump drive bracelets and drawstring bags, for prizes.

STEP 4 – Take pictures: Assign someone to take photos of the completed wall and post it in a public place. A Chapter member can use quotes from the wall and submit them with pictures to get local media coverage (like from your community or school newspaper), or send them to a decision maker or tobacco company executive.

STEP 5 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your activity on your Chapter page to get points and attention!