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Activity 4: Create Your Own Billboard

Create a human billboard with people (like your Chapter members) or use cups in a chain link fence to get your tobacco prevention message the attention it deserves!

  • Points earned: 200
  • Chapter member needed: 3+
  • Prep time: 1
  • Supplies needed: Poster board or t-shirts, markers, colorful plastic cups (for a chain link fence billboard), order form for giveaways (found in the Chapter Toolkit)

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – What do you want to do?: Decide if you want to create a human billboard or a chain link fence billboard. A human billboard consists of many poster boards that, when held side by side, spell out a message. A chain link fence billboard consists of cups placed in a chain link fence that spell out a message in large letters. Whatever you decide, make sure to get permission from the appropriate adults.

STEP 2 – What’s your message?: Choose an important and catchy message. Remember, most billboards don’t have many words, so keep your message short and to the point! Here are some sample messages (that you can use!):

  • Wake up to the Truth, Big Tobacco Targets Youth!
  • We are The 84! We won’t take this any more.

Or you can come up with your own message using statistics and numbers, like for the 24 people who die every day or the 168 people who die every week from smoking-related diseases in MA.

STEP 3 – Create buzz: After you pick your message and prepare your billboard, choose a good time and place to put it up! If you do a fence billboard, have your Chapter members spell your message out in the fence using bright plastic cups.

STEP 4 – Call to action: You got people talking, now get them to do something! Encourage them to join your Chapter, learn more about tobacco on, or take giveaways from The 84! To do this, host a table by the billboard, put information on the billboard itself, etc.

STEP 5 – Picture time: Choose a Chapter member to take pictures of your work and the reaction of anyone who passes by. The pictures can later be sent to local media or decision makers (like your mayor or state representative) to spread the message even further. Make sure to be environmentally friendly by cleaning up and recycling plastic cups, and signs after your activity.

STEP 6 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your activity on your Chapter page to get points and attention!