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Activity 3: Magnified Warning Labels

Ever notice that tobacco products only have small, hard-to-notice warning labels?! It's time to magnify the truth about tobacco products and really warn people about its dangers.

  • Points earned: 200
  • Chapter member needed: 3+
  • Prep time: 1
  • Supplies needed: Poster board, markers, masking tape, maganize cutouts (optional), tobacco ads, The 84 Fact Sheets, The 84 stickers

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Research: Spend some time researching the ingredients found in cigarette smoke (there are over 4,000 chemicals!). You’ll be shocked to see what’s in them!

STEP 2 – Create awareness: Make warning label posters. You may want to make these look similar to nutrition labels and list some of the toxic ingredients in cigarette smoke.

STEP 3 – Show and tell: Display your posters in high traffic areas, like the cafeteria or near convenience stores. Get permission if you need, from the appropriate adults.

STEP 4 – Roll the film: Take lots of pictures of your posters and people’s reactions to reading the labels. Send pictures later to local media or decision makers (like your mayor or state representative) to let them know what your Chapter is doing to fight Big Tobacco!

STEP 5 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your activity on your Chapter page to get points and attention!