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Activity 20: Tell Big Tobacco What You Think!

Big Tobacco executives have made some outrageous and offensive statements about their main target: teens. Expose tobacco executive quotes in your school and community, and urge your peers to speak out and fight back!

Points Earned:

150 points for doing the activity (putting up posters, taking photos, and reporting back)
+ 50 extra points for submitting videos of youth sharing their reponses to Big Tobacco

  • Points earned: 150
  • Chapter member needed: 3+
  • Prep time: 1
  • Supplies needed: Provided: Posters with Big Tobacco's quotes, stickers, postcards, buttons Chapters need to get: Markers, tape, Chapter member sign-up sheet and pens, camera, and video recorder if you're doing videos (Note: Cell phone cameras and videos are okay to use if permitted)

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Create your action plan:

  • Get permission to put up posters at your school or community center on day 1 and to set up a table or reserve an area (e.g. in a common area like a cafeteria) on day 2. You will use this area to take photos and/or videos, give out post cards and buttons, and answer any questions about your 84 Chapter.
  • (OPTIONAL) Research other tobacco executive quotes (See Real Quotes from Tobacco Companies Fact Sheet) and use these quotes for the activity and create your own posters (after getting the appropriate permission).
  • Decide which Chapter members will be running this activity and determine where and when you want youth to take action and how you’ll let them know.

STEP 2 – Create buzz and get people curious: On day 1, post tobacco executive quote posters all over your school or community center before youth arrive. Make sure you put them in places where everyone will see! You can even write them up on whiteboards and read them during your morning announcements.

STEP 3 – Get people to speak out: On day 2, post The 84’s response stickers on the posters before youth arrive. Make an announcement and let people know the time and place for youth to speak out and take action. Set up the activity area, and post one of each of the tobacco executive quote posters in this area.

STEP 4 – Respond to Big Tobacco:

  • In the activity area, hand out postcards and tell people to write their response.
  • Then, take pictures of individual youth with their response, or get them to take pictures of themselves holding their postcard. Send photos to
  • Let students know that pictures of their responses will be used for a rally at the State House on Kick Butts Day in March.
  • Hand out buttons to students who write a response.
  • Encourage others to join The 84: Explain that The 84 represents the 84% of youth in MA who choose to do positive things and not smoke. Let teens know about your 84 Chapter that is fighting back against the tobacco industry.

You can also ask them to: [OPTIONAL]

  • Encourage students to be in a video clip and speak out on camera to Big Tobacco. (+5 bonus points)

STEP 5 – Report back on your Chapter page: Post photos (Select your favorites and upload at least 10 of your peers and their responses to receive points for the activity) and a description of your activity on your Chapters page at (20 points)

Also, remember that you can get points for:

  • Uploading your videos to YouTube or Facebook (tell us the link!) (+5 points)