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Activity 17: The 84 Missions – Introduce “The 84”

These fun and easy "missions" are a great way to get your Chapter members more involved with The 84 and make sure that everyone knows about the 84% of MA youth that don't smoke! They can also be ideas for quick activities to host at your school or in your community to get others involved and raise awareness.

  • Points earned: 300
  • Chapter member needed: 10+
  • Prep time: 1
  • Supplies needed: The 84 Promo Cards, The 84 stickers, The 84 Fact Sheets, The 84 Post-Its (if applicable), paper and pens (if applicable)

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Choose your missions: To earn 10 points, your Chapter needs to accomplish 5 missions. Decide together which ones you want to do from the list below:

  • List 84 reasons to stay smoke-free.
  • Write an acrostic poem (where each letter of “the eighty four” starts a line of the poem).
  • Create a wordsearch with “theeightyfour” and other tobacco related words in it.
  • Submit a column for your school newspaper or community newsletter that uses The 84 as a theme.
  • Describe a healthy, smoke-free community in 84 words.
  • Write 84 words that tobacco companies use to market their products to young people.
  • Write down 84 things people can buy for the price of a pack of cigarettes.
  • Write and perform a song using the words, “The 84.”
  • Ask 84 people about why they are a part of The 84.
  • Broadcast a message about The 84 in the morning announcements.
  • Videotape 84 tobacco/cigarette advertisements in your community.
  • Ask 8 teachers or other adults for 4 reasons why they choose not to use tobacco.
  • Bring people together to create a human representation of The 84.
  • Create a banner for The 84 and get at least 84 youth to sign it.
  • Write 84 tobacco facts on 84 Post-Its and post them around your school or community. (This may require principal/school administration approval).
  • Write or stencil “The 84″ all over the sidewalk of your school or by your community organization in sidewalk chalk. (This may require principal/school administration approval).
  • Create art with The 84 in it.
  • Find at least 10 places with the number 84 and take pictures of them with the 84 in the picture (street signs, etc.)
  • Create a Facebook group for your 84 Chapter and get 84 new friends to join.
  • Get 84 people to write comments on your Chapter’s web page on
  • Get an administrator to post a shout-out link to on your school’s or organization’s website.

STEP 2 – Divide the responsibilities: Since you have 5 missions to do, this is a way to get everyone involved! You might choose to assign a leader from your Chapter to head each mission so it gets done.

STEP 3 – Promote The 84: Some missions can be a part of a Chapter meeting, while others are perfect opportunities to get more youth involved. Some are also great ways to raise awareness about The 84 in your whole community! Not everyone knows what The 84 stands for, so make sure you have Promo Cards, stickers, and Fact Sheets to hand out to people who participate.

STEP 4 – Report back: Post pictures, videos, web links, or other proof of your 5 completed missions on your Chapter page on to get points and attention!

Notes: You will earn 10 points for 5 missions completed.