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Activity 16: Paint a Picture, Sing a Song, Snap a Photo!

Art contests are a great way for people to use their talents to send a powerful and creative message. Promote an anti-tobacco or pro-84 themed art contest to get people to stand up to Big Tobacco!

  • Points earned: 200
  • Chapter member needed: 4+
  • Prep time: 4
  • Supplies needed: The 84 Fact Sheets, video camera, props (optional)

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Set the ground rules: As a Chapter, you’ll want to decide the details for the contest, like when entries are due, how they should be submitted, if you’ll have prizes, what kind of art to accept (drawings, songs, poetry, photos), etc.

STEP 2 – Get the word out: Create posters and/ or flyers to advertise your contest. Get permission, if needed, from the appropriate adults to hand them out. Include all the rules and details, or just direct people to your Chapter page to learn more.

STEP 3 – Judging panel: Choose criteria for judging, review your entries, and award prizes! Order free things like drawstring bags and flash drive bracelets from The 84. Even if you choose not to have prizes, make sure to recognize your winner(s). Make a morning announcement or get permission to display the winning entry at your school or community center!

STEP 4 – Show and tell: Tell The 84 community about your contest. Take photos of some entries and feature them on your Chapter page on, especially the winners! You could even submit the winner’s piece to local media.

STEP 5 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your contest on your Chapter page to get points and attention!