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Activity 15: Say It Through a PSA

Create your own Public Service Announcement (PSA) with your Chapter to get the message out about the dangers of tobacco. You could focus on the tobacco industry, the health effects of smoking, other tobacco products, or promote your 84 Chapter.

  • Points earned: 200
  • Chapter member needed: 1+
  • Prep time: 3
  • Supplies needed: The 84 Fact Sheets, video camera, props (optional)

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Choose a message: As a group, decide what you want to focus on. Do you want to expose how Big Tobacco targets youth? Inform people about the dangers of smoking? Or tell everyone about your Chapter? Make your message simple and memorable.

STEP 2 – Get ready: Come up with creative ideas for how you want to get your message across. Maybe you want to write your own song or rap? Identify the facts you need for your PSA, like from The 84 Fact Sheets. Make sure your point is clearly communicated so that people will remember it! Write your script, collect the props you may need, and choose actors.

STEP 3 – Lights, camera, action: Shoot your PSA! Get permission, if you need, from the appropriate adults.

STEP 4 – Edit away: To keep your audience’s attention, PSA’s should only be 30 seconds long — like a TV commercial. After filming, edit it to make sure the message is focused, your facts are accurate, and all your messages can be clearly seen or heard. You may need to re-shoot certain parts, so budget for extra time!

STEP 5 – Get famous: Post your PSA on YouTube, share the links on Facebook (including!), and add it to your Chapter page on so that everyone gets the message. If your school has a TV network, submit it for broadcasting. You can also see if your local cable access channel will play it.

STEP 6 – Report back: Post the YouTube link, pictures, and a description of your work on your Chapter page on to get points and attention!