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Activity 11: The 84…Have a Field Day With It!

Who doesn't love a field day? Whether it's tug of war, the 100-meter dash, or a long jump competition, there's a way for everyone to participate. Hold a field day with Olympic-style events with a theme of The 84.

  • Points earned: 250
  • Chapter member needed: 10+
  • Prep time: 2
  • Supplies needed: Sports equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, shot put, Frisbees, stopwatch, etc.), measuring tape, poster board for signs, outdoor field or gymnasium, free prizes for winners (like drawstring bags) and be ordered using the order form in The 84 Chapter Toolkit

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Plan ahead: Get approval from the appropriate adult (like your athletic department) to host this event and let them know what you need. Once you find a day, also choose a rain date in case the weather is bad.

STEP 2 – On your mark: Start planning the different events you want to host with Chapter members. Using an 84 theme, you can have an 84-meter dash; (best of) 84 basketball shots; (closest to) an 84-foot soccer ball kick, shot put throw, or Frisbee toss. Have the supplies you need for each activity you choose.

Step 3 – Get Set: Make signs about the event with the specifics, like a catchy title, date, time, and location.

STEP 4 – Go: On the day of the event, make sure Chapter members know their role (like measuring distances, running a stopwatch, coordinating matches between contestants) so that everything runs smoothly.

STEP 5 – Show appreciation: Congratulate the winners of each activity with prizes from The 84! Clean up and return anything that was borrowed after the event.

STEP 6 – Remember, always take pictures: Have members take plenty of pictures during the field day. Pictures can later be used in the school or local newspaper, and posted on your Chapter page

STEP 7 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your activity on your Chapter page to get points and attention!