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Activity 10: Don’t be Fooled by Other Tobacco Products!

Tobacco companies always find new ways to target youth. One of their latest tactics is to promote other tobacco products (OTPs) that are cheap, colorful, and flavored like candy or fruit! Get to know what OTPs are and warn people about how Big Tobacco is using new products to hook young people. Get the word out through a PSA, posters, or flyers.

  • Points earned: 100
  • Chapter member needed: 4+
  • Prep time: 1
  • Supplies needed: The 84 Fact Sheets, video camera (for PSA), props (for PSA), paper/poster board (for posters/flyers), copy machine (for flyers)

Doing the activity

STEP 1 – Get informed: Review the OTP Fact Sheet to get familiar with other tobacco products and talk about the messages Big Tobacco sends to youth. Notice your group’s reactions, especially if anything gets people outraged.

STEP 2 – Choose a message: Decide as a group what you want to focus on and consider the things that got people most outraged. Basic messages can be “Wake up to the truth,” “Big Tobacco still targets youth!” or “New flavors, same deadly product!” Make it simple and memorable.

STEP 3 – Get organized: How will you reach your audience? Do you want to create a PSA? Posters? Flyers? When and where will you share this information? Get permission, if you need, from the appropriate adults.

STEP 4 – Make it: Pick 1-2 key facts to highlight in your PSA/poster/flyer.

  • For a PSA, Write your script, collect your props, choose the actors, and shoot! See Activity 15 for additional tips.
  • For a poster or flyer, Create a poster or flyer using eye-catching words or pictures. Keeping things simple and bold usually works best. See Activity 2 for additional tips.

STEP 5 – Get the word out: Make sure lots of people see your creation!

  • For a PSA, Once you’ve got your finished PSA, post it on YouTube, your local cable access channel, on Facebook, etc.
  • For a poster or flyer, Put your posters up in high-traffic places around your school or community. For flyers, make lots of photocopies, and post them EVERYWHERE! Or if you’re handing flyers out, choose one day where your team covers the whole school or neighborhood together!

STEP 6 – Report back: Post pictures and a description of your activity on your Chapter page to get points and attention! If you have a link to a video on YouTube or Facebook, share the link on your Chapter page, too.