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  • Who’s Behind It All? - Step 1-Learn how to do this: Watch the Who’s Behind it All how-to video to get ready for the activity. The video will walk you through the steps. “Like” The 84’s Facebook page and follow The 84 on Twitter or Instagram to receive the
  • Activity 1: You’re Spending How Much?! - STEP 1 – Do your research: You need accurate information, so find out what the average price of a pack of cigarettes is in your community. STEP 2 – Add it up: Figure out how much it would cost someone to smoke
  • Activity 2: Give ’em Something to Talk About - STEP 1 – Choose your message: What do you want people to know? You can use quotes from tobacco executives, statistics, or something else that will get people’s attention. Check out The 84 Fact Sheets for ideas! STEP 2 – Get the word
  • Activity 3: Magnified Warning Labels - STEP 1 – Research: Spend some time researching the ingredients found in cigarette smoke (there are over 4,000 chemicals!). You’ll be shocked to see what’s in them! STEP 2 – Create awareness: Make warning label posters. You may want to make these
  • Activity 4: Create Your Own Billboard - STEP 1 – What do you want to do?: Decide if you want to create a human billboard or a chain link fence billboard. A human billboard consists of many poster boards that, when held side by side, spell out a
  • Activity 5: Secondhand Smoke Stinks! - STEP 1 – Brainstorm: Brainstorm a clever way to communicate a message about secondhand smoke. Example: choose a statistic mentioned in The 84 Fact Sheets, “Stats on Harms of Tobacco. A sample message might be: “Sure, this garbage can smell, but
  • Activity 6: Flash Mob - STEP 1 – Location, location, location: Choose a busy area to stage your flash mob, like a downtown area or the school cafeteria. Make sure to secure permission before planning this event. STEP 2 – Choose your message: As a group, decide
  • Activity 7: Graffiti Wall - STEP 1 – Advertise and organize: Before you post your graffiti wall in a public place, tell people what it is, where it’ll be posted, and when they can sign it. Get permission, if you need, from the appropriate adults. Choose
  • Activity 8: Numbers Campaign - STEP 1 – Brainstorm: Come up with numbers that are significant and say something about tobacco or The 84 (for example, 24 people die a day in MA from tobacco-related illnesses or 84% of youth choose not to smoke!). Decide on
  • Activity 9: Big Tobacco Said What?!? - STEP 1- Planning: Find a date, time, and location with computers for Chapter members to come together and do some research. STEP 2 – Start Searching: On the chosen date, have Chapter members start looking through Big Tobacco’s online documents. Work in
  • Activity 10: Don’t be Fooled by Other Tobacco Products! - STEP 1 – Get informed: Review the OTP Fact Sheet to get familiar with other tobacco products and talk about the messages Big Tobacco sends to youth. Notice your group’s reactions, especially if anything gets people outraged. STEP 2 – Choose a message: Decide
  • Activity 11: The 84…Have a Field Day With It! - STEP 1 – Plan ahead: Get approval from the appropriate adult (like your athletic department) to host this event and let them know what you need. Once you find a day, also choose a rain date in case the weather is
  • Activity 12: Drop Dead Demo - STEP 1 – Location, location, location: Choose a busy area and time to stage your event (like your cafeteria or a downtown area). Get permission, if you need, from the appropriate adults. STEP 2 – Choose your look: Wear the same color
  • Activity 13: Does Big Tobacco Make the Grade?? - STEP 1 – Plan and decide: How many and which stores do you want to survey? Decide who will visit which store and when. Make sure you print plenty of report cards to fill out. STEP 2 – Observe: Before you go
  • Activity 14: Butts Out! - STEP 1 -Which park do you want to clean?: Decide on a local park or playground to clean up. It can even be your school grounds. Make sure you get permission from your school principal or local parks and recreations department.
  • Activity 15: Say It Through a PSA - STEP 1 – Choose a message: As a group, decide what you want to focus on. Do you want to expose how Big Tobacco targets youth? Inform people about the dangers of smoking? Or tell everyone about your Chapter? Make your
  • Activity 16: Paint a Picture, Sing a Song, Snap a Photo! - STEP 1 – Set the ground rules: As a Chapter, you’ll want to decide the details for the contest, like when entries are due, how they should be submitted, if you’ll have prizes, what kind of art to accept (drawings, songs,
  • Activity 17: The 84 Missions – Introduce “The 84” - STEP 1 – Choose your missions: To earn 10 points, your Chapter needs to accomplish 5 missions. Decide together which ones you want to do from the list below: List 84 reasons to stay smoke-free. Write an acrostic poem (where each
  • Activity 20: Tell Big Tobacco What You Think! - STEP 1 – Create your action plan: Get permission to put up posters at your school or community center on day 1 and to set up a table or reserve an area (e.g. in a common area like a cafeteria)
  • Activity 22: Grow the Movement! - Step 1 – Identify possible recruits: Look at the schools and youth organizations in your area. Think of schools and/or organizations that you have connections with (through friends, relatives, church/synagogue, coworkers, sport teams, etc.) and add them to your list as well.