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Statewide Leadership Team Feature of the Month: Diana Fiestas

1. Where are you from?
I live in Everett, MA
2. What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is Chinese food.
3. What made you want to join The 84 Movement?
I have personal reasons on why I wanted to join and also because of my chapter. I know
that the 84 movement sends cool activities for every chapter to do and it seemed to be
very fun and appealing to me. The 84 is a movement so unique and something that I’ve
never seen before, it grabbed my attention so much that I wanted to be a part of it!
4. How did you first learn about The 84?
I learned about the 84 through my club called TEASA which stands for Teens in Everett
Against Substance Abuse. My Advisor was the one who really educated everyone in
TEASA about the 84 and what it really meant.
5. What is your favorite part about being on the Statewide Leadership Team?
My favorite part about being on the team is meeting new people, especially people from
across the state. We are all working for the same thing and trying to reach a goal
together which is really cool!
6. What is one thing you HAVE to have in your backpack at all times?
I hate saying this but, my phone. EVERYTHING is on my phone, music, shows, contact
numbers, games etc.
7. What is one of the funniest moments you have had working with the Statewide
Leadership Team?
Carly making the SLT do wall sits and making sure we are active!
8. What is one message you have for youth about their role in tobacco control?
Nothing is impossible, if you want to deeply achieve your goal, take action and never be
afraid of what others have to say!