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Statewide Leaders Talk about KBD on Live TV!

On Monday, April 24th two Statewide Leadership Team members appeared live on The Take with Sue O’Connell. Sherley Ortiz-Robles and Sarah Ryan spoke with Sue about Kick Butts Day, their personal connections to tobacco, and why youth voice is so important in the movement. “It was an amazing opportunity to be interviewed as a member of the Statewide Leadership Team. I’ve never been able to speak on that kind of platform before. I hope that we really got the message out there because these are extremely important issues. I’m glad to have had the experience and I hope there are more opportunities like it in the future,” Sarah said about the experience.

Sherley noted just how important youth voices are in this fight and hoped her presence on the show inspired others. She said, “The pressure was definitely on to represent the 84 movement, the statewide leadership team and our communities. It was a rather unfamiliar feeling being put in front of cameras and thinking about all the people watching on live television but as soon as the cameras started rolling, it came naturally to talk about what we’re passionate about- and that made all the difference. I hope that this inspires teens everywhere. What I want others to take from this is that we are never too young to make an impact! I hope this inspires YOU to continue working passionately and educating to change the future generations and our communities. We are making a difference and this is only the beginning!”

Joan Rubel, a media consultant, commented on what it was like helping Sarah and Sherley prepare for the interview. “Working with Sherley and Sarah to prepare for television interviews was really fun.  There were both so ready to take their passion for the work of The 84 and focus it on expressing themselves effectively on TV.  In the end, they represented The 84 Movement beautifully!”

Sarah and Sherley also appeared in an interview on Urban Update (Channel 7/WHDH) on Sunday, May 14th. They were interviewed by Alberto Vasallo about their involvement with the movement and shared information about Big Tobacco’s marketing tactics and the rising problem of e-cigarettes among youth.

Congratulations, Sherley and Sarah! You really showed us what #YouthPower can achieve and represented The 84 Movement and your communities expertly.