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Statewide Leaders discuss Kick Butts Day on TV!

On Sunday, April 1st two Statewide Leadership Team members appeared live on Urban Update on WHDH TV.  Sarah Ryan and Havo Akobirshoeva spoke about Kick Butts Day, their personal connections to tobacco, and why youth voice is so important in the movement.

“This is my second year doing media interviews for The 84 and my experience this year was just as rewarding as the last. The media is such a powerful tool for us to use in our advocacy work. It amplifies our voice. It may seem nerve-wracking to put yourself out there – it certainly was for me – but it’s definitely worth it. It’s a chance to get our message out to people we would never meet in real life. It’s a chance to develop communication skills, to inspire other people to join our movement,” Sarah said about the experience.

Joan Rubel, Communication Strategist with MORE Advertising, commented on working with Sarah and Havo to prepare for the interview and the importance of youth voice. “In a year when empowered youth are in the spotlight around the country, it’s been especially wonderful to work with these two talented young women.  Partnering with The 84 staff to help Sarah and Havo develop their own voices and be effective spokespeople has been so rewarding.  And I feel hopeful when I think about the great things they’ll do with these skills in the future to make a better world.”

Be sure to check out the interview and watch #YouthPower in action!