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Staff Feature of the Month: Ed Rand!

Where are you from?

I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life.  I currently live in Middleboro, MA; which is halfway between Boston and Cape Cod.

What is your favorite food?

It really changes all the time.  Right now, fried chicken is my favorite.

What is your role with The 84 Movement?

I oversee the Statewide Leadership Team and the Middle School Pilot Chapters.

How did you first learn about The 84?

I first learned about The 84 in 2012.  My town, Middleboro, had a group working on banning tobacco sales in pharmacies.  I got to work with the high school students and help them prepare their presentation to the Board of Health. 

What is your favorite part about working with The 84?

I really like working with the SLT.  They are a great group of youth doing amazing things.  It’s really exciting to see their passion as they lead.  They are creative and innovative; so to be able to be a part of what they are doing is very gratifying. 

What is one thing you HAVE to have on your desk at all times?

There are two things I always have at my desk.  The first thing is post-it notes.  I use them to write little reminders.  Right now I have six of varying colors stuck to my desk.  The second thing is something to drink.  Usually I have an iced coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon.   

What is one of the funniest moments you have had in the office?

The funniest moment in the office so far has to be watching Carly’s YouTube PSA from when she was in high school. 

What is one message you have for youth about their role in tobacco control?

Your ability to cause and create change is limitless.  There is no reason for you to settle for the ways things are.  If you see something that needs to change, it is worth fighting for.  Now more than ever we need youth to lead; using their voices, passion, and energy to make this world better.  It is starting with tobacco control, but it doesn’t end there.