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Staff Feature: Danielle Adams!

What is your role with The 84 Movement? 

I’m a Program Manager- I oversee our workshops, mini-grants, and the Statewide Leadership Team!  

What is your go-to exercise song? 

Anything Avicii! Spotify tells me he was my top artist of 2020. 

What’s your favorite 84 team memory? 

For my birthday this past year, our team surprised me with a virtual pageant. They all turned their cameras off told me I had 5 minutes to go put on a fancy dress and some jewelry. When I came back, everyone was also dressed up and told me I was competing for the role of Miss 84. My mom and boyfriend were also on the screen as guest judges! I competed against Ayah, Natalie, and Carly and the rest of the staff judged us on our made-up talents and final question, all which were hilarious. In the end, I was named the winner, and they even sent me a crown and sash in the mail! It was the funniest, best surprise for a COVID-era birthday.  

How have you changed because of The 84? 

My work on The 84 has helped me to learn so much about racial justice work. I’ve learned so much from my team about racism, white supremacy, and how to challenge and dismantle racist systems, not only in tobacco but in our society.  I’m so grateful to be able to continuously learn and evolve in this work.  

What is one thing that people who know you well all know about you? 

I have a very long bucket list! There’s a million and one things I’d like to do and try, and I’m always looking for an adventure or a challenge. And that I hate cilantro.  

What’s one thing you hope youth in The 84 remember this year? 

I hope that youth remember that even though the past year has been difficult, things will get better. I hope they know that they are loved and supported, that their voices matter, and that they are important.