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SLT Spotlight: Tracy!

Where are you from? 

I am from Waltham, MA and I’m first generation-Haitian American  

What is your favorite food? 

My favorite food would have to be fried fish and shrimp with Haitian white rice. I also love desert, especially chocolate covered pretzels. 

What made you want to join The 84 Movement? 

After going to the Youth Power Summit two years ago, I was so informed and wanted to learn even more about the injustices we don’t learn about in school but are targeting us as we speak. 

How did you first learn about The 84? 

I first learned about the 84 when I joined my chapter: Waltham Trailblazers. 

What is your favorite part about being on the Statewide Leadership Team? 

My favorite part about being on the Statewide Leadership Team is connecting with youth all over the state and being a part of history as we pass bills preventing more tobacco use. 

What is one thing you HAVE to have in your backpack at all times? 

One thing I have to have in my backpack is lip gloss and lip balm! 

What is one of the funniest moments you have had working with the Statewide Leadership Team? 

One of the funniest moments of being on the SLT was the SLT members and 84 staff’s reaction to my snack,talk,learn story about my pet birds fighting each other and ending up leaving one dead.   

What is one message you have for youth about their role in tobacco control? 

I believe that we all have a testimony as youth in this generation because tobacco and vaping products are exposed to us at such a young age. It may be tempting for some to try it but once you learn the facts and tactics of the industry, you’ll want to enlighten your peers and policy makers who have the power to stop youth from getting into the trap. 

Bonus: make up your own question and answer it! 

Bonus question: What is one Disney Movie that you loved as a child? 

I absolutely loved watching the Cheetah Girls!