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SLT Spotlight: Mihret!

What made you join the 84 and/or the Statewide Leadership Team? I saw how many of my childhood friends were targeted by the vaping and tobacco industries, and I simply wanted to help them. It started as something they would do “for fun”, but quickly escalated to become an addiction.

What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation is to go back to Ethiopia and visit my family. It’s truly a beautiful place with wonderful people and a lovely culture.

What superpower would you want? A superpower I want is speed or the ability to read many books in one day (without getting bored). I truly believe that knowledge is the greatest power one can have.

What is something you’re passionate about? Something I’m passionate about is reaching my goals, more specifically one day giving back to my community back home in Ethiopia. I am very fortunate to have come to the U.S. where I have never ending opportunities to pursue my passions, but that can’t be said for many people in my hometown.