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Short Term Action Teams (STATs) on the move

  • Number of youth reached: 3000
  • Number of chapter members involved: 41

HPC student leaders at the 84 2016 Youth Power Summit!

This year, the Healthy Peabody Collaborative youth leaders have broken up into sub-committees or Short Term Action Teams (STATs).  These teams come together around a particular project and see it through planning and implementation and then disband until a new project comes along that interests them.  We’ve found that this model is a way to keep young people who are often over-scheduled, engaged, interested and feeling like their time is well spent.

We have a group at the middle school who are working on a social norms campaign to spread teen-to-teen positive messages around substance use including tobacco use.  They hosted an art contest for student artwork to be featured on table tents in their new cafeteria, on buttons, and also on T-shirts that will be for sale to help fund a playground in honor of one of the student leader’s sister who passed away this year from cancer at the age of 10.  They are arranging a substance-free pledge signing as well.  They are a strong group of 20 who have a voice among their peers about making positive choices and living a substance-free life.

We have another group of 9 students working at the high school to create a social norms campaign to be rolled out during prom/graduation season around the misperception of use. These student leaders are meeting regularly with our regional partner, DanversCARES, to carefully plan ways to get their message out that “not everyone is doing it”.  They will likely make use of community space on the billboard at our mall afforded to the City of Peabody, posters at their school, and a student created PSA.  They are amazing!

And, finally, we are working with a group of 5 young people who come together at the high school through the school based health clinic to bring health and wellness initiatives to their peers.  They are drafting plans to bring speaker Dr. Ruth Potee to discuss the physiology of addiction to the freshman and sophomore class this spring.

We are also proud to send 7 of our student leaders to the 2017 Kick Butts Day.  The students selected for this opportunity are involved with either student government or have a keen interest in political science as well as being involved in prevention initiatives, including tobacco use, throughout our city during the school year.

This is just a snap shot of some of the prevention activities going on around the City of Peabody that highlight students in a leadership role helping our organization to build a stronger, healthier Peabody for those who live, work and play here.