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March Activity of the Month: Create a meme!

Do you think you’re funny? We think you are! This month, it’s your job to make us laugh. We are challenging all 84 Chapters to create a meme to promote The 84 and the fact that most youth don’t smoke cigarettes. Feel free to use a meme you already know and change the words on it, or find a brand new photo and provide the caption!  Your Chapter should complete the activity and post to your Chapter page and the closed Facebook group.

Suggested Supplies: A Meme generator (like this one), a sense of creativity, and a good sense of humor!

Activity Steps:

STEP 1 – Plan with your Chapter how to complete the task.

  • Discuss as a Chapter if anyone have a meme in mind you think fits best
  • Decide who will post the meme to Facebook and your Chapter page

STEP 2 – Brainstorm as a Chapter to think of what the meme could say! Play around with a meme generator to see what you like best.

STEP 3 – Finalize your choice, and make sure everyone in your Chapter is on board.

STEP 4 – Post the meme to the closed Facebook group and your Chapter Page. Post it with the hashtag “#tobaccofreememes”

STEP 5 – If you aren’t already, have all of your Chapter follow The 84 on Instagram or Twitter!


There will be two winners this month! One winner for the Chapter that gets the most likes on their meme, and another winner for the meme with the best content!

What have you got to lose?

Deadline:March 31, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.