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Kaya at the Youth Power Summit 10.20.16

  • Number of youth reached: 40
  • Number of chapter members involved: 4

My experience at the youth power summit:
The youth power summit was something to remember. It was really fun. I got the chance to open up to new people and make new friends that I still keep in touch with today. It also gave me really interesting information about big tobacco and their advertisements. And how it’s targeting us the youth! The staff were amazing and really helpful! And the food there was really good. The youth power summit was a time to remember and I’m glad I took my time to go!

-Jake Mor, Kaya Youth Leader




Kaya of the Lynn YMCA is a youth development and community organizing program that engages adolescents in decision-making, provides frequent opportunities for civic participation, and builds a strong sense of belonging and community membership in its participants. Youth engage in fun activities throughout the week to build teamwork and social skills while working towards fulfilling Kaya's mission: "To Spark the Power of Youth to Generate Positive Change."