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June Activity of the Month: SCAVENGER HUNT!!!

To celebrate WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY on MAY 31st we are releasing the June Activity of the Month early! What better way to celebrate today and all month long than with a scavenger hunt?!

The activity is simple: just take photos or videos of the tasks and post them to your Chapter page. The three Chapters that complete the most tasks will win prizes!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1-Gather your Chapter! Gather your group and look over the list of tasks to decide which ones you are going to attempt to complete in order to win a prize. Remember, the Chapters with the most completed tasks wins!

Step 2- Take a photo or video of the completed tasks or found objects. Make sure the task number is included in the photo or video taken. For example, include a piece of paper showing the number seven with the image of the cigarette butts for task number seven. Be sure to get permission from everyone in the video to share it on social media. Again, don’t forget to post to The 84 Movement’s closed Facebook group or your Chapter page so you can be eligible for prizes! You can share it on your Chapter or personal social media profiles to spread the word as well!

Step 3-Send us the photo release forms for people in your photos and videos so that we can share it on our Fan Page and Twitter! Email the scanned copies to

If you have technical difficulties, call Natalie Vanatta at 617-279-2240 x 262 or email her at


So, go on a hunt and complete as many tasks as possible!