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January Activity of the Month: Create Your Own Music Video!


Start off the new year with a new song! This month, we’re challenging you to a sing-off! Your Chapter will choose a song they love, change the words to be about taking down Big Tobacco, do a little dance, and record a music video of it all!  Your Chapter should complete the activity and post to your Chapter page or the closed Facebook group about it.

Suggested Supplies: iPhone/Android video camera, The 84 Movement t-shirts for the music video, creative minds to write lyrics, and any other creative props you want to add.

Activity Steps:

STEP 1 – Develop an action plan. Discuss roles and assignments for members of your Chapter to complete the activity:

  • Choose a song your Chapter loves and wants to change the words to
  • Decide who will record the video and how you will upload it
  • Choose a place(s) to record that are safe and that you are allowed to record at
  • Have people who are in the video fill out a photo consent form if your school or organization hasn’t already done that at the beginning of the year

STEP 2 – Work together as a Chapter to change the words to be about taking down Big Tobacco, The 84 Movement, and the work that your Chapter has done. Be creative!

STEP 3 – Practice singing the song, and what everyone in the Chapter will be doing in the video.

STEP 4 – Record and share the music video. Be sure to get permission from everyone in the music video to share it on social media. Again, don’t forget to post to The 84 Movement’s closed Facebook group or your Chapter page so we can see your creative minds at work! You can share it on your Chapter or personal social media profiles to show off your skills even more!

STEP 5 – Send us the photo release forms for people in your video so that we can share it on our Fan Page and Twitter! Email the scanned copies to

What’s at stake? A prize pack for the Chapter with the most creative video. Think: hoodies, portable cell phone battery chargers, drawstring bags, selfie sticks. Get on it!
Deadline: January 31, 2017 at midnight.

The 84 Photo Release Form