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Great Training Today at South Hadley High School

  • Number of youth reached: 22
  • Number of chapter members involved: 8

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thank you to Natalie for coming all the way out to Western MA from Boston for our training today. We appreciated the pizza a lot! We all learned so much historical information and the ads by Big Tobacco that are specifically targeted at groups of teens really made us all mad.  Some of us were shocked to see how recently some of these events took place.  We all wanted to think that things had gotten a lot better than that. We can see that there’s real work to do. We will get busy planning out the project for our mini-grant.

The Peer Leaders of South Hadley High School are a dedicated and active group of students who are willing to stand up against the use of damaging substances like tobacco products by teenagers. We work to model leadership skills, pro-social action and positive decision making for our peers.