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February Activity of the Month: #FreshmenFebruary

We are making this month #FreshmenFebruary! In the spirit of growing the movement, The 84 is encouraging Chapters to continue recruiting new members. While it is important to have individuals from each grade join your Chapter,  it is very important to recruit freshmen. Recruiting freshmen helps keep your Chapter fighting Big Tobacco after your upperclassmen graduate.

Here are some quick tips to help grow your Chapter:

If your Chapter is in a school:
  • See if your Chapter can make a public announcement over the PA system during homeroom or last period
  • Hold an informational meeting about The 84
  • Ask freshmen teachers if it’s possible to give out a flyer or speak briefly to their class
  • Hold a table outside of the lunchroom and try to recruit – use your toolkit supplies (coming to you in the mail this month)
  • Convince your younger friends to join
  • Ask a sports coach to make a short pitch to the team
If your Chapter is a community-based organization:
  • Try to expand the group to include younger members in the organization
  • Hold an informational session for all students that attend
  • Create recruitment posters to post information in each student’s school
  • Make a short presentation at your school to the freshmen class

So go out there and help recruit new members to the movement! Make sure and post about your recruitment efforts in #FreshmenFebruary on your Chapter Page or the closed Facebook group!