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Flavor Chalk Art: July Activity of the Month!

It’s summer time!! Schools out and so is the sun. Grab some chalk and your friends, and get pumped for this month’s activity!

The activity is simple: just take photos or videos of your chalk art and post them to your Chapter page or the closed Facebook group. The Chapter that posts the most photos will win a prize!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1- Make a list of tobacco facts and tobacco product flavors. These will be the inspiration for your chalk art! Find a public space where you can draw on with chalk- ask for permission if needed. Parks, libraries, community organizations, or popular city streets are great places to showcase your chalk art!

Step 2- Grab your chalk and your friends and create images that showcase the crazy tobacco flavors you found. Whether that’s ice cream or fruit punch, make it colorful and eye-catching to draw people to your art! Draw pictures that resemble the flavors, for example, if a flavor is ice cream, draw an ice cream cone! Include text highlighting how outrageous it is that these are tobacco flavors and include some tobacco facts too. Get creative!

Step 3- Share your creations! Be sure to get permission from everyone if you want to share it on social media. Again, don’t forget to post to The 84 Movement’s closed Facebook group or your Chapter page so you can be eligible for prizes!

Step 3-Send us a photo release form for people in your photos and videos so that we can share it on our Fan Page and Twitter! Email the scanned copies to [email protected]

If you have technical difficulties, call Natalie Vanatta at 617-279-2240 x 262 or email her at [email protected]