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COVID-19 Response Mini-Grant!

The 84 Movement is offering mini-grants to Chapters to take action in their communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing that each community is different, we want you to take the lead in creating and implementing a project that will have a positive impact on your community during these times.

While your project does not have to be specifically related to tobacco, we want you to keep our program’s goals and principals in mind when creating your proposal. Our program has always emphasized the power of youth, therefore, projects must be youth-led. This means that youth should be involved in the development of the project proposal, completion of the application, and implementation of the project. If awarded, the majority of the funding should be used for youth stipends to compensate those involved, and stipending the adult advisor is also allowed. This funding must be spent by June 20, 2020, and you will be asked to complete a brief survey about the completion of your mini-grant at that time.


Mini-grants announced: May 20, 2020

Deadline for submissions: May 22, 2020

Awards announced: May 29, 2020

Funding spent: June 20, 2020  

Applications are now closed.

Projects must address at least one of the following topic areas:

Community education around the new state law$2,000 funding award

Menthol products, which have historically been targeted toward people of color, will no longer be sold in stores as of June 1, 2020. For menthol users, this law may come with confusion and frustration. It is important that community members are made aware of the law and feel supported in understanding the reason behind its implementation. The No Menthol. Know Why. campaign is seeking to provide communities with resources and education about the law. For this project, Chapters will choose from the options below to support the work of the campaign.

  • Use resources on to spread awareness about menthol products no longer being sold in stores on June 1, 2020
  • Create a PSA or gather videos from people in your community about the importance of restricting menthol in your community and submit it to The 84 Movement can provide sample interview questions and best practices.  
  • Work with No Menthol. Know Why. team to create graphics and other visuals to help spread the message to your community
  • Host a virtual town hall or community conversation that explains the historical targeting of people of color by the tobacco industry

Addressing inequities– $2,000 funding award

Like with many other public health issues, COVID-19 has elevated many inequities that already exist in our communities. Many of these inequities stem from systemic racism (access to safe and healthy housing, food insecurity, access to adequate healthcare, inability to work from home, financial instability, lack of educational opportunities, access to technology, etc.) Possible projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Host a virtual town hall meeting for youth in the community to raise awareness around the racial justice implications of COVID-19
  • Coordinate a virtual tutor program for younger students trying to learn from home
  • Support and raise awareness for any local policies happening in your community that are helping to address inequities such as rent and mortgage relief
  • Organize your Chapter to virtually volunteer/support a local organization or business that is aiding communities of color and others most impacted by COVID-19

Community health– $1,000 funding award

During this time, it is increasingly difficult to seek support for and manage certain health issues present in the community including substance abuse disorders, mental health issues, chronic disease, or other non-emergency health issues. Possible projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Reach out to local healthcare facilities (elderly homes, residential youth programs, rehabilitation and treatment centers, etc.) to coordinate possible virtual volunteer opportunities (hosting virtual bingo, creating a pen pal program, etc.)
  • Reach out to a local mental health organization to host a support group for youth struggling with mental health issues

Community connectedness-$1,000 funding award

Social support and connection is a positive indicator of health. During this time of social isolation, it is common for people to experience the feeling of sadness that comes with missing friends and family, the cancellation of important events, or the absence of structure and connection with others. Possible projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact a youth-serving organization and coordinate efforts to start a pen pal program with other youth who might need support during this time (e.g. the AGLY network, youth homeless shelters, etc)
  • Host virtual conversations, social events, processing spaces for youth in your school or community
  • Create and launch a community art contest to encourage youth to showcase their creativity

Proposals may expand upon one of the above ideas, or original ideas not listed. All proposals must show a clear plan that ensures appropriate social distancing in accordance with state and CDC guidelines. We will not accept project proposals that involve face-to-face interaction or unsafe/unsanitary procedures. Funding awards will be prioritized for Chapters that have not received funding from The 84 Movement already this school year.

Applications are now closed