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South Hadley High School

The Peer Leaders of South Hadley High School are a dedicated and active group of students who are willing to stand up against the use of damaging substances like tobacco products by teenagers. We work to model leadership skills, pro-social action and positive decision making for our peers.

Looking forward to the Youth Power Summit

We are looking forward to meeting others from across the state at UMass Medical Center on Saturday.  A few of us will come and bring the info back to the rest of our group.

Scavenger Hunt~~Task #24~~Playing Just to Support the 84 Movement

Two of the Peer Leaders were willing to pose with their faculty advisor today as the last thing we post for the Scavenger Hunt! We aren’t out to win it; we just wanted to show support and to wish everybody

Scavenger Hunt~~Task #18~~Just Playing for Support

With our Board of Health Director Sharon Hart, a picture taken from June 2017.

Scavenger Hunt~~Task #17~~Just Playing for Support

Posters & tape from our toolkit~~we use them and reuse them!

Scavenger Hunt~~Task #16~~Just Playing for Support

Our meetings are in the cafeteria at 7 AM before school starts!