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Peer Educator

If you give a minor a cigarette, chewing tobacco, snuff, or tobacco of any form you can be fined no less than $100 for your first offence. You will be fined no less than $200 for your second offence and

Peer educator

Kids might be drawn to smoking and chewing tobacco for different types of reasons  to look cool, act older, lose weight, seem tough, maybe even just to try to fit in. Some kids will think that e-cigs, vape pens, or

Smoking and Sports

Smoking has a large negative affect on sports performance. When you smoke your muscles are not able to get the oxygen they require during exercise. When you exercise your heart rate increases, and the more oxygen your muscles need. Smoking

What’s in your cigarette ?

Crack Down Of E-Cigs Happen More Often

Lately the FDA has been cracking down on shops selling e-cigs, hookah, etc to minors because in Mass it is illegal. Concentrating them to a couple shops is the goal but some adults do buy e-cigs even the wild flavors