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Arlington High School

First Chapter Meeting of 2018/2019!

Our chapter met for the first time since summer break to pick up where we left off from last school year. One of our ideas from our end of the year party in May, was to create a mural that

World No Tobacco Day Trivia!

On May 31st (World No Tobacco Day 2018) we wanted to spread knowledge about the dangers of smoking cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products. We did this by setting up a table during lunch and asking students trivia questions regarding

Chalking “Surgeon General Says!”

Using facts from the Surgeon General Report on the dangers of electronic cigarette products and vapes, students chalked the entrance to the High School up to spread awareness of these harms and risks! We also used data from our 2017

Channel 5 News Segment Aired 4/12/18

At the beginning of March we were interviewed by Channel 5 news regarding vaping/juuling/e-cigarette use among our peers. The segment was aired last Thursday on the 12th of April! It was exciting to have our voices heard and to help

Channel 5 Interview RE: Vaping

Our chapter was contacted by a producer from Channel 5 news and was selected to participate in an interview regarding vaping and e-cigarette use. We discussed how vaping has become increasingly popular and how there is a low perception of