Meet the Current SLT


Aaron Cullity is currently a sophomore at Holbrook Middle High School. He is involved in many extracurricular activities, such as newspaper club, theater, chorus, student council, GSA and many other activities. Aaron first got his start with advocacy in 2018, passing local policies alongside his coalition. He decided to first get involved with the 84 when the use of e-cigarettes was on the rise. He had seen his peers and family members using tobacco products and saw the effects it had. Now he wants to make a change. While being on the Statewide Leadership Team for less than a year, he hopes to continue with the 84 throughout his high school career and advocacy work beyond graduation.


Alex is a member of the Statewide Leadership Team member and comes from Salem Massachusetts. He is very interested in science. Specifically; Biology, Astronomy and Computer Science. He is also loves foreign culture and language; having taught himself to be multilingual since he was 14. In his hometown, he is involved in many groups that tackle issues in the community. He has always been passionate on the issue of tobacco. People in his town would always smoke in public, even in front of kid friendly places such as the library, people he knew from older generations had become addicted to smoking and his peers began to become addicted to vaping, so he decided it was time to put an end to Big Tobacco.


Ayannah is a junior who attends Holyoke High School, a vocational school. She joined the SLT her freshman year of high school, which she learned about through one of her jobs as a peer health advocate. She thought that the SLT would be a good place for her to learn more about tobacco and the industry, because her grandpa died from smoking related illnesses, and her grandma currently smokes. Ayannah attends health assisting classes, which will help her become a CNA (certified nurse assistant) by the middle of her senior year.


Evelyn is from Cohasset, a small town south of Boston. She is a sophomore at Cohasset High School, where she plays basketball and tennis, and is a member of the debate team, environmental team, band/pep band, and student council. Evelyn has been a youth ambassador for her town’s coalition since her freshman year, and has attended numerous forums and trainings on youth prevention. Evelyn also has a passion for mental health advocacy and education, and she intertwines both mental health work and substance misuse prevention. She is very excited for the upcoming year and the years to follow on the Statewide Leadership Team, hoping to make an impact in preventing youth vaping!


Gabriela was born and raised in Lynn Massachusetts. She is a sophomore at Lynn Classical High School and President of the Advocates for social justice club, a club she co-found with another peer at her school. She was first introduced to the statewide leadership team through her chapter which is one of the fortunate chapters to be part of the 84 movement. Although recently added to the team, Gabriela feels very grateful to be part of it and is excited to make change in not only her community, but hopefully as well in her state. When not working or attending school, Gabriela loves taking part in many activism roles and hopes to create change in the future. Aside from that, she is part of the swim team and enjoys watching various television shows in her free time. Gabriela can not wait what is in for her in the future and hopes with the help of the statewide leadership team, they can achieve great success.


Kira Jamieson is a junior at Cohasset Highschool. She is a youth leader at her local coalition, Safe Harbor. She Often takes part in her school theatre and enjoys doing community service. In her free time Kira spends time with friends and focuses on her studies. As a member of the 84 Statewide Leadership team Kira is excited to get a chance to help educate youth from other communities on tobacco and other tobacco products but also to have the chance to learn from her fellow youth. She hopes to bring youth together to make a difference.


Luis is a recent member of the State wide Leadership Team who has been involved since last year. Luis currently lives in Salem, MA where the LEAP program is located, and where Luis goes every possible day hoping to find new experiences through all of the fun and interesting different activities that they offer for all of the students, also hoping to meet new people to listen and observe their different perspectives. Luis attends to Salem High School where Luis participates in student government and other actives throughout the city. Luis is eager to learn, to help, to do, as much as possible by taking every chance he gets to experience something new to become a good leader that guides, listens, and helps people. He will become the president.


Tracy is from Waltham, MA and is first-generation Haitian-American. Tracy was first introduced to the 84 during the Youth Power Summit, alongside her coalition WPY Trailblazers, and was intrigued by the informal workshops surrrounding the factor of race in the tobacco industry. She wanted to educate herself more on the cause and advocate for her community by joining the Statewide Leadership Team. Tracy loves volunteering and is very active at her local Boys & Girls Club. She also runs track and is a huge fan of hurdles. Her favorite hobby is Model UN and reading Realistic-Fiction novels. She one day aspires to be either a UN Legal Officer or a juvenile defense attorney. She’s most interested in learning how to change statewide policies and bringing awarness back to her community.

If you’re interested in joining the SLT, apply here!