Meet the Current SLT

Meet this year’s amazing Statewide Leadership Team!

Sarah Ryan

Sarah has been a part of the Statewide Leadership Team for over a year now. She lives in Holbrook, MA, where she is the president her local Chapter. Passionate about youth advocacy, Sarah hopes to use her voice to make real change. Since she joined the movement in 2014, Sarah has testified at local hearings, run community events, and been interviewed by various media outlets. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper, The Holbrook Hub. She is proud to be a part of the team, and can’t wait to see what this year will bring.




Rachel Cohan

This is Rachel Cohan. She is 15 years old and a sophomore at the Holbrook Middle High school.She has been on the Statewide leadership team for 1 year, and have led 2 Statewide events. Rachel enjoys being on the Statewide leadership Team because it’s a fun way to make a difference in the community. Outside of her work with the 84, Rachel is involved in her school’s Performing Arts program, and plays the violin. She also plays volleyball, and is a Varsity Cheerleader. Rachel is excited for another year being a part of the Statewide leadership team




Michael Jimenez

Michael is one of the members of the Statewide Leadership Team. He was born and raised in Lawrence, and resides there. Michael is a student at Lawrence High school, where he holds many leadership roles. He holds positions of President and Vice President in his academy and whole school campus, and many other leader roles throughout the school and outside of school. Michael takes his role of youth leader very seriously. He recognizes the positive impact that his leadership can have on the youth, and feels that it is his responsibility to bring the best educational opportunities, events and enrichment programs to the students he represents. He joined The 84 Statewide Leadership Team with the hope of bringing the best to his community. Michael has participated in many leadership workshops and has earned the title of Youth Leader. He enjoys using his role as a leader to facilitate strength and courage to the youth. He strongly believes that young people in his community have the power to change the world, and that The 84 Statewide Leadership Team can be an instrumental part of that change.

Havo Akobirshoeva

Havo has been a part of the Statewide Leadership Team for over a year. She was born in Tajikistan and moved here 7 years ago. She currently lives in Waltham, MA and attends Waltham High School. She has a passion for any form of art and learning. Outside of school, she stays busy with Trailblazers, the 84 and is a member of Waltham Youth and Community Coalition. During her free time, she loves to draw, write poems and hangout with her friends. Havo is a supporter of animal rights, human rights, and safe environments. Her goal is to gain new skills and use those skills along with her old ones to make her community and the world a better place.


Elizabeth Lovern

Elizabeth became a member of the Statewide Leadership Team in 2017. Outside of this role, she is Vice President of her Chapter and a member of the Early College advisory board. She takes both College and high school courses at Mount Wachusett Community College. In her free time she spends time with family and pets. She has the utmost excitement for her future work in the movement.



Millane Mosqueda    

Millane was born and raised in the Philippines and joined the Statewide Leadership Team after having a fun and educational experience at Youth Power Summit. She is a sophomore in Melrose High School, a tutor in Melrose After School Tutoring, and a member of the STEM Pathway and Youth Action team. She is a part of the junior varsity in her school’s tennis team. Her volunteering experience includes helping in the Sally Frank’s Farmers Market, interning in the Department of Planning in Melrose City Hall, and tutoring homeless kids in Housing Families. Currently, she volunteers in a local hospital. Her hobbies include singing and learning how to play the guitar. Her goal as a Statewide Leader is to gain leadership skills and advocate for tobacco prevention. She also believes that the youth has the power to make a change and control their own future.

Shariel Joseph 

Shariel is one of our new members on the Statewide Leadership Team. Shariel is a Junior at Watertown High School in Watertown. She loves trying new things which led her to playing Volleyball, Basketball, Track and now Cheerleading. It also led her to joining The Watertown Youth Coalition, where they focus on prevention of tobacco and substances, and encourage healthy decision-making. In The Watertown Youth Coalition she took on leadership roles and became active in her community. Shariel got introduced to the 84 Movement through her coalition. She had a blast at Kick Butts Day and wanted to get involved on the Statewide Leadership Team. Shariel is very proud to be a member of the Statewide Leadership Team and is excited to see what more is to come!


Hayli Manning

Hayli is a junior at Holbrook Public Schools and joined the Statewide Leadership Team over the summer of 2017. She had been apart of her 84 Chapter for a year, and was looking to take the next big step in becoming a leader in her community. Hayli’s mother began smoking as a teenager, and wants to prevent other youth from becoming a lifelong tobacco- addict. Hayli, along with her peers, hopes to go on to become the generation that ends smoking. Aside from her work on The 84, Hayli is also passionate about the clean water crisis and recently started a chapter in her school to fundraise for clean water in underdeveloped countries. Excited to be pursuing a career in S.T.E.M, Hayli will be the first in her family to attend college. Hayli is the opinion editor of her school newspaper, and is a proud environmentalist.


Janice Tang 

Janice is a sophomore from Melrose. She was introduced to the Statewide Leadership Team through her Chapter. She is on her high school’s tennis team and orchestra. In her free time, Janice likes to read, organize, practice the violin and piano and listen to music. Janice hopes that being part of the 84 Statewide Leadership Team, she can strengthen her leadership skills, and is excited to be apart of this movement in making the world a better place for the youth.




Delise Rodriguez

Delise is part of our Statewide Leadership Team. She is a sophomore at Monty Tech High School and is on the cheerleading team. She was first interested in becoming part of the Statewide Leadership Team when she attended Kick Butts Day. Delise knew that even though cigarette use was decreasing, there was still much left to be done and wanted to be a part of that change. She is so excited to create awareness and impact in her community in a positive way!




Diana Fiestas 

Diana is 15 years old and represents TEASA in Everett by being part of the Statewide Leadership Team. She is very involved in school with marching band, basketball and softball. Diana loves to be organized and always have her duties well planned out, and puts a lot of effort into school, schoolwork, and any other work she is involved in. She loves working with other people to gather more ideas and come up with good ideas.





Jordan St. Onge

Jordan is a 16 year old from Acushnet, Massachusetts, who attends Fairhaven High School. Jordan is a three season athlete who plays field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. She is also on a competitive dance team and does pageants. She happens to be Miss New Bedford’s Outstanding Teen 2017 and placed first runner up at Miss Massachusetts Outstanding Teen 2017. Jordan joined the Statewide Leadership Team in June of 2017, and is driven to make a difference in more than just her town, but across the state of Massachusetts. In her spare time, you will find her watching the Celtics (her favorite team), or hanging out with her friends and family.




Allissa Masse


Allissa is one of the newest members of the Statewide Leadership Team. She was born in Cambridge and raised in Waltham, MA. She is a junior at Waltham High School and an active leader throughout her community. She is involved with many leadership roles like Youth Activist, Waltham Youth and Community Coalition, and facilitates at the Waltham Public Schools Mayoral Youth Summit. Through her academics and athletic effort she has received 2017 Young Women of the Year Award. She continues to inspire and encourage young women at her church and in the community. Allissa is able to step into the shoes of those she leads to better understand them and therefore become a stronger leader with every role she obtains. She has great ambitions and wants to make a difference both locally and globally. She is passionate about youth voice and joined the Statewide Leadership Team to make a change and setting an example for generations to come.


Luis Matos de los Santos

Luis is a recent member of the State wide Leadership Team who has been involved since last year. Luis currently lives in Salem MA where the LEAP program is located, and where Luis goes every possible day hoping to find new experiences through all of the fun and interesting different activities that they offer for all of the students, also hoping to meet new people to listen and observe their different perspectives. Luis attends to Salem High School where Luis participates in student government and other actives throughout the city. Luis is eager to learn, to help, to do, as much as possible by taking every chance he gets to experience something new to become a good leader that guides, listens, and helps people. He will become the president.