Meet the Current SLT

Meet this year’s amazing Statewide Leadership Team!

Rachel Cohan

Rachel has been a part of the Statewide Leadership Team since her freshman year, and is from Holbrook. During her time with The 84 Movement, she has had the pleasure of planning and speaking at 5 statewide events. She says that her favorite part of being on the Statewide Leadership Team is having the ability to influence her peers on a larger scale than in her town. Outside of her work in the tobacco field, she enjoys performing in concerts and musicals in and out of school. She also plays volleyball at the high school and the club level. Rachel cannot wait to see what she can accomplish in her next 1 1/2 years with the 84.

Luis Matos de los Santos

Luis is a recent member of the State wide Leadership Team who has been involved since last year. Luis currently lives in Salem, MA where the LEAP program is located, and where Luis goes every possible day hoping to find new experiences through all of the fun and interesting different activities that they offer for all of the students, also hoping to meet new people to listen and observe their different perspectives. Luis attends to Salem High School where Luis participates in student government and other actives throughout the city. Luis is eager to learn, to help, to do, as much as possible by taking every chance he gets to experience something new to become a good leader that guides, listens, and helps people. He will become the president.

Millane Mosqueda

Millane was born and raised in the Philippines and joined the Statewide Leadership Team after having a fun and educational experience at Youth Power Summit. She resides in Melrose, is a tutor in Melrose After School Tutoring, and is a member of the STEM Pathway and Youth Action team. She is a part of the junior varsity in her school’s tennis team. Her volunteering experience includes helping in the Sally Frank’s Farmers Market, interning in the Department of Planning in Melrose City Hall, and tutoring homeless kids in Housing Families. Currently, she volunteers in a local hospital. Her hobbies include singing and learning how to play the guitar. Her goal as a Statewide Leader is to gain leadership skills and advocate for tobacco prevention. She also believes that the youth has the power to make a change and control their own future.

Delise Rodriguez

Delise is part of our Statewide Leadership Team. She is on the cheerleading team at her high school. She was first interested in becoming part of the Statewide Leadership Team when she attended Kick Butts Day. Delise knew that even though cigarette use was decreasing, there was still much left to be done and wanted to be a part of that change. She is so excited to create awareness and impact in her community in a positive way!

Janice Tang 

Janice is from Melrose. She was first introduced to the Statewide Leadership Team through her Chapter and has been with the group for 2 years. She is on her high school’s junior varsity tennis team and orchestra. She is a leader in her chapter’s Youth Action Team and an officer of the STEM club in her school. Additionally, she loves to do community service and has been volunteering at a local hospital for over 2 years. In her free time, Janice likes to read, organize, practice the violin and piano and listen to music. Janice hopes that being part of the 84 Statewide Leadership Team, she can strengthen her leadership skills, and is excited to be a part of this movement in making the world a better place for the youth.