Month: October 2019

The 84 Welcomes You!

We are the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)group. We have been active in the school for about 20 years. Our mission is to inform our students about options for good decision making and warn them about the dangers/poor choices that

This group is comprised of the leaders in our middle school. They are motivated to learn, advocate, and make changes to their world!

The 84 Welcomes You!

The 84 warmly welcomes you to your first year of fighting against tobacco as a Chapter AND as a movement! 2019-2020 proves to be an exciting year full of opportunities to expose the tobacco industry, get more teens pumped about

Massachusetts Vaping Ban

Statewide Leader of the Month: Carol Kasule!

Check out more information about our awesome Statewide Leadership Team member of the month, Carol! Where are you from? Salem, MA. Originally from Uganda Kampala. How long have you been on the statewide leadership team? 3 years What is your favorite food? Matooke and gnuts What