Month: June 2018

Cigarettes are burning holes in your pockets!

Millions of people smoke cigarettes and don’t know that it effects not only your body but also your bank account. The average smoker spends $2,011 on cigarettes a year. 

Thanks for the Pizza Party

 Thanks for the pizza!  We had a good time due to the 84 sending us a pizza party.

Pizza Party from the 84!!

The South Hadley Peer Leaders were delighted to receive an end-of-the-year pizza party to celebrate the work we did with #surgeongeneralsays (the event we called “Don’t Be an April’s Fool! Don’t Let JUULs Fool You!”) to educate the other students


1. Where are you from? Springfield, IL – aka the Land O’ Lincoln 2. What is your favorite food? I eat mostly plant-based foods, so everyone makes fun of me because of the fact that 99% of what I make

World No Tobacco Day Trivia!

On May 31st (World No Tobacco Day 2018) we wanted to spread knowledge about the dangers of smoking cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products. We did this by setting up a table during lunch and asking students trivia questions regarding