Month: June 2017

Flavor Chalk Art: July Activity of the Month!

It’s summer time!! Schools out and so is the sun. Grab some chalk and your friends, and get pumped for this month’s activity! The activity is simple: just take photos or videos of your chalk art and post them to

Peer Educator

If you give a minor a cigarette, chewing tobacco, snuff, or tobacco of any form you can be fined no less than $100 for your first offence. You will be fined no less than $200 for your second offence and

Peer educator

Kids might be drawn to smoking and chewing tobacco for different types of reasons  to look cool, act older, lose weight, seem tough, maybe even just to try to fit in. Some kids will think that e-cigs, vape pens, or

End of Year Celebration

We celebrated a happy and successful year of outreach and activities. We measured our success with an emphasis on dedication and determination. Congratulations were offered to our students for consistently showing up, staying active and engaged. Then, we enjoyed ice

AHS Chapter recognizes our graduating seniors

Congratulations to our graduating Club 84 members! Sarah Gironi Anna Goldstein Xheni Lushi Britton Mallard Emma Platt Julie Powers Kate Sweeney Jamie Toomey Jessica Winstanley You are leaders, advocates,ambassadors, and will be successful in your future endeavors. It’s been an