Month: April 2017

Who noticed the rain? We Kicked Butts!

It may be a long bus ride and an early start getting to Kick Butts Day from the Pioneer Valley, but the folks from South Hadley find it is always one of the best days of the year, rain or

Youth Power Summit

Seven members from our group attended the youth power summit on October 21, 2016. #morethantargets

Weekly Meetings

Currently, we are having weekly meetings every wednesday to meet with our members and talk about other ideas and activities to do.Members and Meeting Dates

Graffiti Wall

We had a wall located in the cafe where kids signed their names to show that they are against smoking and against tobacco companies targeting the youth. We also had a table set up to hand out 84 supplies! 

Drop Dead Activity

On Thursday, February 6, 32 students from Athol High School participated in the Drop Dead activity at lunch. After dropping dead they handed out pins and 84 cards to create awareness.