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Trainings Offered

The 84 offers a variety of trainings to prepare you to fight Big Tobacco. See our menu of trainings below and request a training for your Chapter based on your needs and interests. All trainings must be requested at least three weeks in advance of the proposed training dates so that we can plan accordingly. Please keep in mind that we will try to visit as many Chapters as possible, but it will be on a first come, first served basis. Sign up for a training today!


Tobacco 101

This two hour training serves as an introduction to some of Big Tobacco’s sneaky tactics of making their products cheap, sweet, and easy to get. We will delve into the history behind the industry’s targeting of young people, how they do it, and why we should care. You will find your own personal connection to the issue, gain knowledge around Big Tobacco and tobacco products, and learn about what you can do about it!

Tobacco 202

Tobacco 202 is a follow-up to Tobacco 101, delving a bit deeper into how Big Tobacco does what they do and more explicitly explores their use of advertising to target youth. After a quick review of concepts and information learned in Tobacco 101, we will look into Big Tobacco’s latest product, e-cigarettes. In examining this product, its development and the way it is advertised, we will see how the industry uses the same tactics with new products to target young people.


Can You Hear Me Now?: Media Strategies for Fighting Big Tobacco

This training provides the skills for interacting with the media such as how to develop a message, how to identify your target audience’s needs, how to use social media to take things to the next level, and how to connect to local news outlets through your regional Community Partnership representative. This training is three hours.

Public Speaking and Data Presentation

Making a difference in your community often times means getting people to understand what you already know to be true: that Big Tobacco is targeting youth and their products are still a cause for concern. A big part of making that happen is sharing facts, experiences, and information with your community, your local policymakers, your school, etc. This training will prepare you for any speeches, presentations, or meetings you may be a part of. The minimum length of training is two hours, but can be tailored to the group’s needs.

How to Talk to a Legislator and Prepare for Giving Testimony

Talking to your legislator or local decision-makers takes preparation! This training will help you gain the confidence, skills, and organization to have your most successful testimony or meeting with a policymaker or stakeholder. The minimum length of training is two hours, but can be tailored to the group’s needs.

Policy: How the System Works

Coming soon!

Target Populations: LGBTQ

This training details how Big Tobacco targets marginalized groups besides youth, namely the LGBTQ community. We’ll take a look at what sneaky tactics Big Tobacco is using specifically to target this community, and how we can work together as The 84 Movement to turn this injustice around. This training is two hours long, but can be tailored to the group’s needs.