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Youth Power Summit

Youth Power Summit 2016
United Teen Equality Center Lowell, MA
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The Youth Power Summit is our fall kick-off event where we bring together youth from all over Massachusetts to take part in trainings (not lectures!), meet other young people, and get excited about the year ahead. Typically, this day involves team-building, training, networking, and brainstorming for how to work together during the coming year.

This year, Youth Power Summit is being held on Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at UMass Medical Center in Worcester.

Registration is now closed. If you have any questions contact Carly Caminiti at

If you are attending YPS please make sure to fill out and submit a consent form for each youth attending the event. Consent forms should be sent to as soon as possible.

Theme of Youth Power Summit 2017:

One of the best ways of supporting a cause you care about is learning how to be an effective advocate. Through civic engagement, young people are able to raise awareness about issues that they care about and lay the groundwork for change. That is why this year the Youth Power Summit is focused on developing knowledge and skills about advocacy and civic engagement. Chapters will get the chance to learn how to advocate for issues youth care about, tobacco prevention basics, as well as choose a workshop in the afternoon that best fits where they are in their advocacy journey. It will be a great day filled with valuable trainings, fun activities, and meeting some amazing people!

Your Chapter will have the chance to take part in one of these breakout sessions in the afternoon:

Identifying the Issue:

Tobacco prevention has many elements and not all communities face the same tobacco control issues. Some communities may be most concerned with density, while others are more concerned with advertising of flavored products. In order to address the needs of your community effectively, you will need to gather information and data to identify the specific issue you want to focus your advocacy efforts on. In this workshop, you will gain knowledge and skills in identifying these issues through conducting various types of surveys. You will also practice presenting the data you collect.

Getting Your Message Heard:

In order to create a movement, you have to get our ideas and messages heard. During this workshop, you will start by understanding Big Tobacco’s tactics including how they target specific populations. You will then work on how to create effective messages to counteract Big Tobacco’s tactics, and learn what types of media are the best channels to go through.

Gathering Your Resources:

One of the most important steps in starting an advocacy effort in your community is identifying who will support your work and how you will be able to get it accomplished. In this workshop, you will work to identify your allies and opposition in your tobacco work. You will then work to identify what your community resources are and where you can find them.