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  • KYC presents to 4th/5th Graders Healthy Living: “Tobacco is not the Key”

    (06/09/2015) - On Tuesday, June 9th, 2015, Kaya Youth Committee (KYC) members presented the negative effects of tobacco to a group of 4th & 5th graders of the Lynn YMCA’s School Age Child Care (SACC) program: “Tobacco is not the Key”. They

  • Activity 1

    (05/18/2015) -   Ever wonder how much cigarettes are costing you or someone you know? Or what else the money could be spent on? Read the information below to find out more!   Cigarette cost Pack-a-day for a week: $59.50   Pack

  • Tobacco Free Tuesday

    (04/02/2015) - On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) held their first Tobacco Free Tuesday at B.M.C Durfee High School. The YLC invited Durfee health teacher Ms. Spicola to speak on common misconceptions about tobacco use and products; and

  • Kaya Lynn Y 84 Graffiti Wall…02.27.15

    (03/03/2015) - My name is Molly Nhiv – a Kaya Youth Committee member – and here is our experience with the Graffiti Wall. The Graffiti Wall for the 84th Movement was an interactive activity that allowed people to write their thoughts about

  • Activity 16-YWCA

    (02/18/2015) - Earlier this week the YWCA girls held  a small art contest in their building in  which both YWCA Task members and younger kids participated. People who participated drew pictures that show how tobacco companies are ruining our friends, families, and communities.. Because of

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