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First Training!

We had our first training today! Loved being exposed to the new information and we are excited to grow our chapter!

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Smoking and Sports

Smoking has a large negative affect on sports performance. When you smoke your muscles are not able to get the oxygen they require during exercise. When you exercise your heart rate increases, and the more oxygen your muscles need. Smoking

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We Did It! Our Project with the GSA Students Was Great!

We reached out to the whole school at lunch today with an awareness social media campaign about how Bug Tobacco targets lgbt teens. See all our pictures at #wearethe84 or #rspctlgbt because there were just so many! Our education wall

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We Have Been Framed!

Tomorrow Wednesday May 17 we fight back!  The GSA has the hashtag #rspctlgbt for our social media project and the Peer Leaders have the frame!  This will be a way to get a lot of attention to the issue to

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The 84 and Our High School Yearbook!


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