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South Hadley High School


The Peer Leaders of South Hadley High School are a dedicated and active group of students who are willing to stand up against the use of damaging substances like tobacco products by teenagers. We work to model leadership skills, pro-social action and positive decision making for our peers.

Youth Power! Youth Power! It’s Big Tobacco’s Final Hour!

We chanted that a lot! And we were fired up for sure! The South Hadley Peer Leaders had five members at the October Youth Power Conference at UMass Medical Center and it was a great day. We heard an inspiring

Scavenger Hunt in South Hadley

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of as many Scavenger items as we could manage, starting with our Peer Leader meeting at 7 AM on June1st and spread through the week. We welcomed a new member on Monday

Celebration Breakfast~~Thank You!!

The South Hadley Peer Leaders celebrated our success this year in working against Big Tobacco with a breakfast which came from our award from! We were able to achieve 98 points in our Chapter this year to qualify for

84 scavenger hunt

Had fun taking crazy pictures and eating food with our members

Kick Butts Day

Eight of the twenty South Hadley Peer Leaders were able to get away from school commitments to catch that early 84 bus to Boston on March 19th for another thrilling Kick Butts Day!  The sun found us in Boston and