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South Hadley High School


The Peer Leaders of South Hadley High School are a dedicated and active group of students who are willing to stand up against the use of damaging substances like tobacco products by teenagers. We work to model leadership skills, pro-social action and positive decision making for our peers.

Presenting the work of the84

Our group presented information to important people in our town about teen usage of illegal substances including tobacco. We explained to them the hazards associated with them and what we as a community could do to overcome them. At the

November New Member News!

The South Hadley Peer Leader group has added new members for the November Member Drive! And our newest members have had to hit the ground running. Dylan’s FIRST meeting was his attendance at the presentation to the South Hadley Drug

Summit Meeting of the South Hadley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition

Several members of the South Hadley Peer Leaders presented to a special Summit Meeting of the South Hadley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition which included the Superintendent of Schools in South Hadley, members of the School Committee, Select Board, Director


I thought it was a great experience. We all learned how to work together and doing so we can potentially make a change no matter how big or small!

Youth Power! Youth Power! It’s Big Tobacco’s Final Hour!

We chanted that a lot! And we were fired up for sure! The South Hadley Peer Leaders had five members at the October Youth Power Conference at UMass Medical Center and it was a great day. We heard an inspiring