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Project RIGHT, Inc.


Project RIGHT's mission is to create, nurture, establish, strengthen, mobilize and coordinate resident and youth involvement in neighborhood stabilization and economic development within the community of Greater Grove Hall.


Project Right youth are working extremely hard in  recruiting  youth for the 84 Movement. We have youth that want to actively start in the 84 movement to their schools. We are mapping out things  questions, locations, time slots, etc. and


We are excited  due to schedules to of our youth  will be attending  the trainings on Dec. 9th

Tobacco -Free —Orange Day!!!!!!!

Project Right is so excited to  kick off Tobacco -Free Tuesday’s . We have annouced at all our meetings and asked all adults take part in this activty  as well.   Pictures coming

Kick Butts Day

We here at Project Right had a great time at Kick Butts Day yesterday. We had a ball going to the state house and our members definitely gave their all talking to the state reps that were available as well as

The 84 Welcomes You!

Welcome back! The 84 warmly welcomes you back for another year of fighting against tobacco as a Chapter AND as a movement! 2013-2014 proves to be an exciting year full of opportunities to expose the tobacco industry, get more teens pumped