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Project RIGHT, Inc.

Project RIGHT's mission is to create, nurture, establish, strengthen, mobilize and coordinate resident and youth involvement in neighborhood stabilization and economic development within the community of Greater Grove Hall.

City Officials Discussion

Youth had opportunity to sit down and discuss the rising tobacco in our community; with the Mayors new proposal it was imperative  for us to let our city officials know how upset we are  about the growing number of smoke shops

Tobacco Free Tuesday

We have been busy in schools talking to youth and sharing info to middle and high school students. work shops and group sessions  have been great.


We had signed up for one of the mini grants, and received it. I also signed my chapter up for the kick butts day event and 3 youths and myself will be attending with and addition of 2 adults and

State Rep Conversations

We had the opportuity to speak to State and CIty officials about our concerns with all the mom & pop E-cigarette stores popping up all over our community.  Parents and youth are outraged. It was nice seeing  elected officials at

Eizabeth Warren -Thank You Letter

Dear Gloria, Thank you for contacting me about electronic cigarettes, the battery operated nicotine vapor devices generally known as e-cigarettes. As you know, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released a proposed deeming rule that would make e-cigarettes and