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Short Term Action Teams (STATs) on the move

This year, the Healthy Peabody Collaborative youth leaders have broken up into sub-committees or Short Term Action Teams (STATs).  These teams come together around a particular project and see it through planning and implementation and then disband until a new

HPC 84 registered for Kick Butts Day 2016

Seven student members of the Healthy Peabody Collaborative (HPC) have signed up for the 2016 Kick Butts Day.  Four of these students take AP Government as Seniors in high school and are very interested in being able to learn about

No Tobacco for Teens in Peabody!

No Tobacco for Teens in Peabody!  Board of Health approves proposal to raise age for tobacco sales.

HPC 84 visits the Statehouse for Kick Butts Day 2014

Exciting stuff! Healthy Peabody Collaborative youth members recently started an 84 chapter which is part of a statewide movement of youth fighting tobacco in their schools and communities.  Their first initiative was to visit the Statehouse for the 2014 Kick

Annie gets Peabody started!

Meet Annie Pollock!  She is a Senior at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School who is part of the Health Advisory Council.  Known as HAC, the Health Advisory Council is the youth group of the Healthy Peabody Collaborative (HPC), the City