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Kaya Lynn YMCA

Kaya of the Lynn YMCA is a youth development and community organizing program that engages adolescents in decision-making, provides frequent opportunities for civic participation, and builds a strong sense of belonging and community membership in its participants. Youth engage in fun activities throughout the week to build teamwork and social skills while working towards fulfilling Kaya's mission: "To Spark the Power of Youth to Generate Positive Change."

Kaya’s “Stay Active, Don’t Smoke” 03.31.16

Kaya @ KBD!!! 03.16.16

My experience on Kick Butts Day was really interesting. I had learned a lot about how big tobacco companies lure teens into purchasing they’re product. I had a lot of fun inside the Statehouse and talking to the senates, teaching

Kaya’s “Creative Process” – Talents to Share 84th Facts & Stats!

Kaya splits into two teams on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 to demonstrate their “Creative Process” (84th Movement Activity 16) to demonstrate in 10-15 minutes their talent by using tobacco numbers! Celina vs. Ryu and Chris…Talents to Share 84th Facts & Stats!

Kaya’s “Drop Dead Demo”- “Do you want to end up like this?”

Kaya splits into two teams on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 to demonstrate their “Drop Dead Demo” (84th Movement Activity 12) and the stats and results of what tobacco can do!

Youth Power Summit = Moving Forward

My experience at the 84th Movement Youth Power Summit was something to remember. Not only was it informational and helpful to me, but it was also really fun. I got the joy to work with new people and do really