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Lowell Community Health Center

Training Day with the 84

Last week on Thursday, January 28th, 2016, Lowell Community Health Center, Teen BLOCK hosted a workshop that was presented by the84! TWENTY teens showed up to learn more about tobacco and the prevention efforts that were happening around the state.

Activity 7: Graffiti Wall

Today we wanted to show our power in how we want people to stop smoking on this day, the Great American Smokeout. We put on our wall graffiti showing our support for people to stop smoking and putting inspirational quotes

The Great American Smokeout

This was a fantastic day. Today was the Great American Smokeout, Where smokers aren’t allowed to smoke within 24 hours. It was such a great opportunity for smokers to not smoke. Some people did the internet scavenger hunt where they

You’re Spending How Much?

Today we worked on Activity 1 to figure out just how much smoking costs. We found out that smoking 1 pack a day at 9.95 costs $3,631 every year! We could think of tons of things that we could buy

September Activity of the Month: LCHC is GROWING THE MOVEMENT!

We are so excited to be back and are looking forward to another year with the 84 Movement! We kicked off our Fall 2015 activities at Lowell Community Health Center with a CandyLand themed Info Session. We had 60 possible new