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Lowell Community Health Center


September Activity of the Month: LCHC is GROWING THE MOVEMENT!

We are so excited to be back and are looking forward to another year with the 84 Movement! We kicked off our Fall 2015 activities at Lowell Community Health Center with a CandyLand themed Info Session. We had 60 possible new

We are ready for Kick Butts Day!!

We have been preparing for this day, formulating our speeches to the MA State Representatives. We are sending six members of the Lowell Community Health Center chapter to represent us at the state capitol.

March Activity of the Month: “Cheap, Sweet, Easy to Get”: #KickButtsDay

In preparation for Kick Butts Day 2015, we took it to the social media networks to spread our word! We paired the sneaky tactic posters with our own captions! “Why smoke? It’ll just make you broke.” “Take it back tobacco

ESWG Recap!

Today we gathered around and discussed things we could do to prepare for Kick Butts Day 2015! We are so excited to get back on track with things after our long hiatus. #TEAMESWG #THE84   

Computer Lab Consensus

Today the Environmental Strategies Working Group conducted an accessible survey to the many residents of the teen computer lab (Which also serves as a study area). The high traffic area allows surveys to reach the greatest amount of people within