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Lowell Community Health Center

Lets Get Real Event

84 Kickoff Day! Youth Power Up Conference

On October 18th, we went to the 84 Kickoff Day! We were so pumped up. The first thing we did when we got there from our long bus ride, was head straight for the food. After making our chapter poster,

I stand with CVS!

             CVS has taken a stand against tobacco products in proceeding to ban tobacco products from its stores. For a couple of months, the fight has been going on in many CVS stores. Our local

5th Annual Town Hall Meeting Event!

Activity 17-5: The 84 Missions (Completed)

The Lowell Community Health Center Teen Block took initiative in accomplishing the 84 missions and so far we are doing fantastic.  Please check out our pictures from the first mission we have completed! 1. List 84 reasons to stay smoke-free.

Activity 3: Magnify Warning Labels (Completed)

    It is peculiar to see that most tobacco companies print their warning labels so that it is often overlooked by the human eye. These warning labels are really easy to miss, so we took things into our own