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Future Nation Leaders

FNL Groupshot

Future Nation Leaders from Fitchburg started years ago as part of our youth organizing work, which revealed the direct connection between youth smoking and the dropout rate. Most of the youth in our Chapter have been active with the community center from a young age, showing enthusiasm for making their community a better place.

Photo Voice Project

The Future Nation Leaders held their Photo Voice presentation at a Community Dinner that happens twice a month, where adults and youth come together. We first served dinner and after dinner the ladies began their presentation. The girls talked about

Photovoice Project Sample

Above we have some photos we have collected over the last few weeks. We want to bring awareness to our community on Big Tobacco tactics. When looking around our neighborhood that all convenient stores that sell Tobacco products are less than

Paint A Picture, Sign A Song,Snap A Photo

On Thursday December 5th the Future Nation Leaders held coloring contest for the Teens at the Cleghorn Youth Center. The youth were told to draw a poster against Big Tobacco to bring awareness to other youth in our community of


Today November 25th, 2013 the Future Nation Leaders went to our local park, ParkHill and cleaned up trash and the cigarette butts left by tobacco smokers. The youth found that most of the butts where at the skate park, meaning

Great American Smoke Out Activity

Hello 84  Chapter youth, Yesterday Nov.21st the Future Nation Leaders participated in the Great American Smoke Out Activity. We set up a table at the Cleghorn Neighborhood Center (the business side) with all the materials and posters hung up for