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Brookline High School


We are a group of dedicated Peer Leaders who are adament about changing our town's tobacco laws. We are the 84! We won't take this anymore!

Brookline Town Hall Meeting Participation

Brookline High School Peer Leaders continue to be actively engaged with town hall meetings, in support of Warrant Article 11, which focuses on e-cigarettes as a new nicotine product.  Notably, Leaders have spoken at public hearings, giving their own accounts

Brookline Students Attend Town Hall Meeting!

Several students from Brookline High School attended a town hall committee meeting on Tuesday the 23rd.  An anti-tobacco warrant article that touched on several issues and topics including discouraging e-cigarette use and removing tobacco products from easy reach on store

The 84 Welcomes You!

Welcome back! The 84 warmly welcomes you back for another year of fighting against tobacco as a Chapter AND as a movement! 2013-2014 proves to be an exciting year full of opportunities to expose the tobacco industry, get more teens pumped