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Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence

You’re Spending How Much??

While doing research for the Community Mapping Project, chapter members Jazmine Jimenez and Nelselly Alsina created a poster that shows how much money people spend on cigarettes in Lawrence, MA. The harsh reality of the thousands of dollars wasted on these

Tobacco INJUSTICE: Big Tobacco’s Biggest Targets Training Session with Ari

Last night, students of the BGCL 84 Chapter ventured to Boston for a Regional Training session. This session empowered us to continue to fight BT as we saw deeper into its targeting tactics. A session that explored how BT is targeting different

Chapter Members attend Lawrence Board of Health Public Hearing

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, three Chapter members, Jayleen Reyes, Steven Tran, and Jasmine Williams, attended the Lawrence Board of Health public hearing that addressed proposed regulations involving the sale and use of tobacco. The three attendees each prepared a

A Training Session With Carly Caminiti

We had the pleasure of having Carly Caminiti come to The Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence to train our newly reestablished 84 Chapter. We are looking forward to using our new skills to speak at our city’s upcoming public hearing to help change

The 84 Welcomes You!

Welcome back! The 84 warmly welcomes you back for another year of fighting against tobacco as a Chapter AND as a movement! 2013-2014 proves to be an exciting year full of opportunities to expose the tobacco industry, get more teens pumped